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He Has Done It All–Andy Cherry

Recently my friend (Chris Vacher) asked what’s “The ONE song you must do at Easter“. I suggested a song by new Essential Worship artist, Andy Cherry, that we heard at re:create12. Andy’s new album releases next Tuesday (March 6th). There are several good songs on this album. I’d recommend “Nothing to Fear”, “City of Light”, “Running to Our Savior” and his pub-inspired arrangement of “Nothing But the Blood”.

Since the album hasn’t released yet, Essential Worship was kind enough to give me permission to share it here. Let me know what you think of the song and make sure to stop by Chris’ blog and add to the conversation about the Easter song you’ll be singing.

Click on the link below to check out “He Has Done It All” and check out his album next Tuesday.

He Has Done It All

Cognitive Surplus: a blog to blog review

At re:create12 in Franklin we started the week off with a “Collab Crawl”. Ten to fifteen of us spent the morning roaming downtown and talking creativity, church, culture and whatever else came up. It was a life-giving morning filled with great conversation. One of the key things that came out was Vince Marotte’s love of a book called “Cognitive Surplus” by Clay Shirky.

Since that morning a couple of people have begun to read the book with glowing initial reactions. Last night Chris Branscome said he “I wish I could participate in a group discussing this book”. So that’s just what we decided to do. We’re going to do a blog to blog review of “Cognitive Surplus”. Here’s how it will work; each person will take a chapter of the book and blog about it on a specific day of the week (possibly Mondays). For that week everyone will go to that person’s blog and utilize their comments as our discussion area. The following week someone else will take chapter 2 and on and on it goes.

Personally, I’m very excited for an opportunity to continue learning together through this book. To get started, I’d recommended checking out this post from Vince Marotte about what Cognitive Surplus might mean for the Church & check out the TED talk that Clay Shirky gave below. This will give you a solid idea of where this book might be taking this. After you’ve read the post you can buy the book here (Kindle, Hardcover). The goal will be to start these reviews on Monday, March 5th. This should give us a couple of weeks to get started on the book and be ready for discussion.

A few re:creators (Amanda Sims, Chris Branscome, Vince Marotte, David Ballard and myself) are already “in”. The book has 7 chapters so we can do this with as few as 7 people. If we get more than 7 then we’ll work out possibly having two people per chapter to give us an even broader base to jump off for discussion. If you’d like to consider being a part of this group blog review then please leave a comment below or contact me directly.

A brief snapshot of re:create

Painting with our friend, James HughesMisty and I had an amazing week at re:create in Nashville. There were moving moments of worship, incredible keynotes and stirring songs. Several names that everyone knows were there.

Names that can sell tickets. Names that get people in the door. And they were worth the price of admission.

Then there were the other names. Jon & Andrea. JR & Niki. Bryan, Paul, Tom, Chris. James, Paul, Osann, Erik, Mark, Darren. From Ramy & Tiffany Anton to Aaron & Katie Zink.

Those names (and others) are the reason we’ll be back next year.

A Birthday Letter to My Girl

My daughter turns 8 today. One of the things we get our kids on their 8th birthday is an email account. This will be the first emails she sees. I’m including the picture I attached:

Hey Mercy! Today you turn 8 years old. I remember clearly the day you were born. Even before that, I remember finding out that we were going to have a little girl and being so excited to get to know you. I think your Grandpa might’ve been the most excited we were having a little girl. He loves spoiling little girls! :) It seems like just yesterday you were sleeping on my chest without me having to hold you at all you were so tiny. It’s hard to believe that you’re growing up so fast. I can tell you this; I love everything about you, Mercy.

I love your quick wit and full laughter. I love the way you get my jokes and are learning to tell your own. I love your determination to figure everything out. I love your creativity and that you’re always trying to “sell” your art. I can already see some of the ways that God has put His special stamp on your heart. I love that you’re still a snuggle bunny and it makes my day when you give me one of your sweet kisses and hugs (And you’ve been doing that for a long time. You’ll see what I mean when you see the picture.).

It’s difficult to describe how you make your Daddy’s heart come alive. You are a precious gift from Jesus and I’m eternally grateful that He gave you to me and Mommy. I’m praying for you that God will continue to form His heart in you. Happy 8th Birthday my precious gift. Thanks for being who you are, the joy you bring to our family and always being my Cinderella.

I love you Mercy bird and I always will.


Help Me Spread the Gospel

A couple of weeks ago I wrote to you about an opportunity that had come up for me to go and share about the outreach/evangelism/discipleship possibilities of social networking with a group that works primarily in a country closed to the Gospel. Your response as been very encouraging so far. We’re halfway to our goal. I’ve recently lost 40 make that 45 pounds and am asking you to help me celebrate by having 40 people donate $40 to make this trip a possibility. So far we’re right at halfway there. Any donation you give would be a big help. I’m booking my flight early next week and putting the rush on my passport tomorrow. For any of you interested in how I’ve lost weight, in need of some accountability there or just want to join my growing accountability team in that area of life, feel free to hit me up with an email at adam at adamherod dot com. Thanks so much for any help you can give. I appreciate you all.

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